GOREF’s Famous Friday Quiz – Laws of the Game Part 2

After the great response to last weeks LOTG quiz. It’s that time again for the GOREF famous Friday quiz. We know how much referees like to test their knowledge of the beautiful game. So what better way to show that you paid attention to the new rule changes and are a boss when it comes to the finer points of the offside rule then to check out the famous GOREF Friday quiz..


So Why Did You Build GOREF, an App for Referees?

To give you a little backstory, I’ll start with the main reason behind our decision to build the GOREF app. Firstly and most importantly the X100 Sports team, are passionate and fervent fans of the world game and wanted to combine their love of the game with a product for the Apple Watch. The fact that there wasn’t at the time a dedicated referee app for the Apple Watch (a rarity in the app world) gave the team an added incentive to create a world’s first with a product that combined the best of traditional referee digital watches with all the technological innovation of the Apple Watch.

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